Caffeine Flavoured Dreams


morning beckons
as I clear the tiredness from my eyes,
stretch my tired limbs
feeling the echo of last night’s dreams
evaporating in the morning light.

bed draws me closer,
but the lure of the sweet nectar
lying in the bottom of my cup
entices me out of bed.

half asleep
I start my ritual;
fill up the percolator with grounds, water,
screw it on tight
and onto the hob.
fill up my mug with milk,
sugar, hot water,
and impatiently wait for the coffee to boil.

once my concoction is complete,
I take time to sip my coffee,
taste it,
feel the warmth spread from my belly to my fingertips,
awakening every inch of myself.

the best part is when the caffeine hits –
the way it scrapes away the tiredness from my eyes,
peels back the layers of sleep encrusting my brain,
and suddenly
brings the world back into view.

here I feel alive,
like I could achieve anything.
what can I create today?
what world can I build for myself?
in caffeine flavoured dreams
the possibilities are endless,
inspiration limitless,
motivation bottomless.

I nestle myself here for a while,
enjoying these moments of contentment
and the warmth that has enveloped my soul.who knows what awaits beyond
the bubble of my morning coffee.
for now I will bask in this moment,
and let the excitement of possibilities
wash over me
and take my morning worries away.

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