City for All! Infographic

I created this infographic for People in Need Cambodia for their City for All! conference. The conference brought together professionals working in urban planning to discuss, network and learn more about Cambodia’s most important urban development challenges, innovations and solutions.

The aim of the infographic was to highlight the key achievements of the project, including the improvement of urban areas in Phnom Penh and the ability of locals to realise their land rights. The infographic was created as an A3 poster and as a handout for the guests.

I worked with the project manager to identify the key information and figures to highlight, as well as understanding the story behind the numbers. As the majority of people attending the conference were locals, I made sure the images I created were ones they connected to. For the houses, I ensured the houses were reflective of the Khmer style, as well as the typical fishing boats that can be seen around Phnom Penh.

This infographic was created using Adobe Illustrator.

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