A Love Letter to the Sea


during the early hours of the morning,
while the world is still quiet, 
I find myself pulled
towards the gentle rhythm of the ocean.

as my feet carry me there,
each movement is purposeful, sincere,
taking me towards the promise of calm.

a long pier stretches out towards the water
inviting me closer.
birds sit perched on the decking,
fluttering away in succession
as my footsteps disturb their brooding.

the tide is high today,
the waves lapping into the deck
slapping against the wood.

I sit for a moment, gazing out into the ocean,
watching as the water morphs into shapes,
wondering what answers lay at the bottom.

I am undisturbed here,
except for the odd fisherboat that putters by
en route to this morning’s fishing spot.
if I strain my ears,
I can hear the distant sounds of voices and motorbikes.
but they are a world away 
from this place of calm.

I lay out my mat,
taking the time to stretch my body
and breathe in the fresh ocean air,
feeling it awaken every inch of myself.

but I cannot ignore the lure of the water,
longing for it to caress me
and hold me for a while.

the water is cold this morning,
my skin sensitive to its touch.
I take a moment to adjust
before I surrender to the sea,
allowing my body to float on its surface.

the outside noise fades away,
as the static of the sea plays in my ears
the gentle popping of pressure
like tiny pop rocks through my mind.

I allow myself to be carried by the ocean,
my body relinquishing control 
to the gentle ebb and flow of the waves,
the sea washing away my worries
and taking them to its depths.

I don’t drift far, coming up every so often
to admire the luscious green mountains in the distance,
witnessing them through the beauty
of the early morning haze.

there is a quiet magic to the ocean,
one I shall miss once there is land set between us.
but I know I can always return,
to once more float in the vast openness
and feel my worries 
melt away.

Comic Strip Version